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About Robin Robins

Robin Robins is the IT industry’s most in-demand marketing consultant, sales trainer, and direct response marketing consultant who specializes in developing strategic marketing, sales and lead generation systems for MSPs, VARs and IT services companies.
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Robin Robins is the IT industry’s most in-demand marketing consultant, sales trainer, and direct response marketing consultant who specializes in developing strategic marketing, sales and lead generation systems for MSPs, VARs and IT services companies. Robin is the Founder of Technology Marketing Toolkit,  MSP Success Magazine and Big Red Media. To date, her organization has coached, trained and consulted with over 10,000 IT business owners from all over the US and in 37 different countries. She currently runs the largest C-level peer group in the IT services channel for MSPs and her annual event, the IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp, attracts over 1,600 attendees every year and is sponsored by the IT industry’s leading vendors. Robin has been voted a #1 speaker at many industry events such as CompTIA’s BreakAway, Channel Partners Conference and Expo, ASCII’s boot camps, DattoCon and IT Nation. She has been published in VAR Business,, Sales and Marketing Magazine, Selling Power, and SMB Partner Community Magazine. This vast experience has given Robin a broad knowledge of hundreds of MSP marketing and sales tactics used by some of the most successful, sales driven organizations in the world.

Robin Robins Has Been Featured On 580+ Publications Including

No one knows how good you are until the sale. Before they buy; they only know how good your marketing is. "

Robin Is The One To Watch

"Not only transforming businesses, but transforming lives..."

Listen to Why Robin Is One Of the Most Trusted Leaders In IT Services Marketing

Click the “play” button below to hear Bill Metcalf interview Robin on what’s inside the Toolkit, who it’s designed for, and what makes it
so powerful.
Listen to Robin Being Interviewed By “Learning From Leaders” On How To Be Successful In Business

What People Are Saying About Robin

Robin Reenergized Our 10-Year Business So We Can Generate Sales At Will, Starting With $37,500 In MRR

“Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit have done wonders in reenergizing our 10-year business. Among our eye-opening results in these past 90 days, we have initiated five quarterly business reviews as well as marketing that have resulted in $37,500 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Plus, we have generated $58,515 in projects! Because we have the tools to actually drive sales, by the end of next quarter we expect to be able to generate sales at will!”

Melanie Pare KSP Technology

Consistent Marketing Helped Us Grow By $175K A Month ($2,100,000) In 2019 And By $420K A Month ($5,040,000) Last Year

“Creativity, consistency and tailoring marketing campaigns to our two verticals made the difference in our success over the past two years. After participating in the Rapid Implementation Workshop in January 2019, we increased our MRR by $175K a month. In 2020, we shot well beyond our goal and increased our MRR another $420K a month! We expect to be between $20 and $21 million in revenue this year.”

Mike McWilliams Formerly With Reliable IT

After Working With Robin For 3 Months, We’ve Added 37 NEW Leads And Jumped Our MRR From $500 Per Month To $9,830 Per Month!

“Steady Networks was in a downward spiral. I thought I had a sales ‘process’ in place until it all caved in when I lost three big accounts and, at the same time, lost my inside sales telemarketer of two years. By the end of the year, we were starting to eat into our savings and I realized I had a big problem on my hands. So, after ignoring Robin’s e-mails for YEARS, I finally decided to give her system a chance and signed up for the Toolkit and Rapid Implementation Workshop. It was there I learned how to build a foundation for marketing and sales that will allow us to add clients profitably and consistently, fuel referrals and ultimately double our customer base. If these first 90 days of implementation after the Workshop are any indication, it’s going to be a VERY good year!”

Jonathan Sandmel Steady Networks

We Added Over $1 Million In Revenue This Past Year

“Before Robin, to say we were struggling to get new clients was an understatement, and we were losing money... Not good. Desperate to turn things around fast, we methodically went through everything Robin gave us and immersed ourselves in learning how to market, following her system to the letter. By the end of that first year working with Robin and the Toolkit, we had leads coming in and the marketing was working, as evidenced by the fact that revenue grew a solid 40% that year – but more importantly, it was the first year we actually generated a profit! s Bottom line, Robin’s marketing strategies have totally changed the trajectory of our business for the better. We now generate quality leads, we’ve strengthened our name recognition and have landed more signed contracts than ever before. We’ve experienced more than a 10X increase in revenues and profitability since joining Robin’s program.”

Mike Clemmons ByteCafe Technologies

One Event Generated Over $83,000 In Revenue For One Of Our Partners

“Robin truly has the ability to get IT services providers to take action and report results. She knows the channel and goes above and beyond to get results. The MSPs participating in the Mobility and Cloud Seminar program held live events, with one event generating over $83,000 in revenue for one of our partners. Based on our experience with our first project, we will definitely continue working with Robin.”

Eric Townsend Intel

My Consultation Was A Great Investment That Will Pay For Itself Many Times Over!

“After hearing Robin on a GKIC call, I hired her for private marketing consultation. I’ve long admired her rapid and focused business growth. I’m not in her usual niche of VARs and IT consultants but offer Speak To Influence training for business and sales professionals, as well as audio production services for corporate audio and interactive voice response systems in all languages. Not only did Robin walk me through her lead generation and sponsorship sales process as they would apply to my business, she also offered some great value-added bonuses in the form of a template for a digital Shock-And-Awe package that we’ll be able to use immediately in our lead generation and sales. As icing on the cake, she also made her back-office team available to me for further assistance. My consultation was a great investment that will pay for itself many times over.”

Susan Berkley The Great Voice Company, Inc.

Working With Robin Has Been The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

I was initially hesitant to invest so much money on a series of one-on-one consulting sessions and wondered if anyone could provide the ROI that we’d need to at least break even. Then I remembered the many times we’ve had Robin give great business advice and realized that if anyone could do it, she could. Robin has taught us so many things and true to form, gave us the advice we needed and clarified our path forward. It was well worth the investment. In fact, I’d say working with Robin has been the best investment I’ve ever made. She has given us a solid plan to launch a series of new products and has helped us understand our target market so we didn’t miss the mark. Now we are able to forge ahead with confidence under her direction.

Matt Katzer Kamind IT

Our Partners Were Getting NEW Opportunities In Day One Of The Workshop Robin Held!

“The Microsoft SMB team here in the US was looking for a marketing program that would help our partners to not only IMPLEMENT more marketing for Office 365, but actually get results; Robin Robins and her team delivered just that. For quite some time our partners had been asking us, ‘Why aren’t you guys working with Robin Robins?’ Now I can see why they asked. Robin got our partners to actually do the work, invest their time and money into marketing Office 365 and (most importantly) generate measurable results in new leads, opportunities and sales. In fact, our partners were getting NEW opportunities in day one of the workshop Robin held! Incredible! The partners who have been through this program have raved about how valuable it was – one that we should have been doing a long time ago.”

Diana Ishak Partner Channel, US SMB at Microsoft

Insightful And Practical

Powerful Speaking Engagements To Educate MSPs, VARs And IT Business Owners

Robin has been a favorite speaker for IT industry events such as System Builder Summit, SMB Nation, CompTIA’s BreakAway, CT Summit, ASCII Boot Camps, and Strategies for Success, and has been interviewed and published with eChannelLine, Channel Pro and in VAR Business and Sales and Marketing Magazine.

Give your audience specific processes for developing a successful marketing system and increasing sales in their IT services business.


What Will Your Audience Get From Robin:

How to build a marketing system to generate more qualified leads and customers.

How to implement a strategic sales process to close more business.

Specific marketing strategies for selling managed IT services, cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery solutions and more.

Time management techniques that increase productivity and improve overall results.


The complete marketing action plan development coaching

This is a very exclusive option for those who want the maximum support, direction and coaching from Robin. You should be VERY familiar with her style of marketing and have an exceptional product or service to sell before considering this option.

The fee will depend on the length of the presentation and topic covered. Robin can provide an excellent presentation on various topics including:

  • How to double or triple the number of leads for your IT services business. How to create and implement an effective marketing plan for an IT services business.
  • How to market and sell cybersecurity solutions (can also be specific to selling managed services, backup and disaster recovery and cloud solutions).
  • How to staff and manage your sales and marketing department. Success strategies shared by the most successful, fastest growing MSPs. How to close more sales at higher profit margins (trust-based selling). Online and Digital Marketing 101.

This is a full, or multi-day of custom sales and/or marketing training for your team, partners or group. Please note that the final fee is dependent on the specific topic(s) covered and the materials you’d like developed, the number of days/sessions required, number of attendees and if you want follow-up coaching and training beyond the one 90- minute follow-up session included. This fee INCLUDES travel.

  • Pre-meeting research and preparatory process.
  • Travel to your venue.
  • Development of workbooks, examples, exhibits and other materials, NOT printing.
  • Preparation and writing of custom training materials for your team.
  • One follow-up, 90-minute phone consultation or Q&A webinar.

If you want Robin and our team to create a marketing and sales “Toolkit” that goes BEYOND just giving them marketing campaigns and sales strategies that work and INSPIRES them to IMPLEMENT, this is the perfect option for you. These are custom programs that are based on what you’re trying to achieve, what you need, your budget, time frame and the deliverables you select.

Below is a short list of decisions that will drive the ultimate fees for this program. Keep in mind some companies choose to have their PARTNERS pay a percentage of the fees so they have skin in the game:

  • Do you need something TRULY custom or can we repurpose one or more of the successful Toolkits we have already developed and proven to work? In most cases, we can use proven content with a little bit of tweaking.
  • How extensive of a topic are we covering? For example, showing your partners how to implement a truly effective lead generation program that covers all aspects of marketing is a far more extensive topic than simply covering how to do e-mail marketing.
  • How do you want the content delivered? Webinars will be less expensive than in-person seminars, but are far less impactful. Some clients opt for a combination of both.
  • What tools and templates do you want us to give them? Done-for-you websites are going to be far more elaborate to deliver than a series of e-mail templates.
  • How many partners will be trained or given this program? Some companies opt to give this to their top-tier partners while requiring lower-level partners to pay for some or all of it.
  • How will you get the word out about this program? Will Robin need to assist you in launching it and “selling” it to your partners?

Only a limited number of consulting days are available for purchase. If you would like to consult with Robin personally on a project or initiative, there is a $500 non-refundable application fee to ensure you are serious about engaging as a private client. This application fee will be applied to your project should you decide to move forward. You will also be required to submit a detailed questionnaire prior to the call.

NOTE: These services are for clients who want one-on-one marketing coaching from Robin Robins. Clients are chosen at Robin’s discretion based on scheduling and availability.

She Is A Marketing Genius

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