Who is Robin Robins?

Robin Robins is the IT industry's most in-demand marketing consultant, sales trainer, and author who specializes in highly effective marketing strategies for VARs, Systems Integrators, MSPs, Solution Providers, and IT consulting firms.

Robin is the author of the Technology Marketing Toolkit and Million- Dollar Managed Services Blueprint. To date, over 8,000 IT business owners from all over the US and in 37 different countries have learned and implemented the marketing systems she has developed to create hundreds of millions of dollars in NEW sales, NEW opportunities, and NEW revenue streams for their business. Robin has been voted a #1 speaker at many industry events such as BreakAway, System Builder Summit and VAR Vision, ASCII's boot camps, CT Summit, and SMB Nation. She has been published in VAR Business, eChannelLine.com, Sales and Marketing Magazine, Selling Power, and SMB Partner Community Magazine.

Robin is a true "marketing rock star" for small IT business owners and currently commands over $1,500 per hour for her consulting services with a 6-month waiting list.

In addition to her extensive experience with IT service firms, Robin has developed marketing strategies for over 1,200 businesses in 14 different industries across North America, Australia, and Europe. This includes both online and off-line marketing strategies for computer training schools and universities, franchise organizations, software companies (Novell, Surf Control, AVG anti-virus, and Microsoft), financial services, seminars and events, member organizations, and a variety of consumer products and services. This vast experience has given Robin a broad knowledge of hundreds of marketing and sales tactics used by some of the most successful, sales driven organizations in the world.

Powerful Speaking Engagements To Educate MSPs, VARs And IT Business Owners

Robin has been a favorite speaker for IT industry events such as System Builder Summit, SMB Nation, CompTIA’s BreakAway, CT Summit, ASCII Boot Camps, and Strategies for Success, and has been interviewed and published with eChannelLine, Channel Pro and in VAR Business and Sales and Marketing Magazine.

Give your audience specific processes for developing a successful marketing system and increasing sales in their IT services business.

Robin Robins will teach your audience:

  • How to build a marketing system to generate more qualified leads and customers.
  • How to implement a strategic sales process to close more business.
  • Specific marketing strategies for selling managed IT services, cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery solutions and more.
  • Time management techniques that increase productivity and improve overall results.

Inquire about Robin speaking at your event – contact us at 615-790-5011 or sponsors@technologymarketingtoolkit.com.

Educational Materials To Train MSPs, VARs and IT Business Owners How To Market Their Business And Increase Sales

Robin’s Most Popular Programs:

Technology Marketing Toolkit

The Technology Marketing Toolkit is a complete step-by-step marketing system in a box for small to medium IT consultants, VARs, MSPs and solution providers.

Managed Services Blueprint

If you want to learn a proven, field-tested way to launch your managed services program to existing clients AND new ones, start here.

The Advanced IT Sales And Persuasion Blueprint

This comprehensive, step-by-step sales process is unlike ANY sales training you've ever experienced because it STARTS with how you position yourself from the beginning, and uses a straightforward, direct and non-manipulative approach to helping clients.

Disaster Recovery Toolkit for MSPs

A step-by-step consulting process and marketing templates that position you as the ULTIMATE expert and advisor regarding backup and disaster recovery.

What Do These Products Give You?

  • Specific, usable marketing strategies that have been field-tested and PROVEN to work over and over again for small to medium IT business owners.
  • Strategies on how to cut the time and effort of prospecting, qualifying, and selling in half.
  • Examples on how to ATTRACT highly qualified prospects to you who are already predisposed to doing business with you.

Mastermind Group Coaching Provides MSPs, VARs and IT Business Owners Ongoing Accountability And Support

Join a master mind group of IT business owners that get peer support and coaching on marketing, sales and business success. The purpose of these programs is to:

  • Specific, usable marketing strategies that have been field-tested and PROVEN to work over and over again for small to medium IT business owners.
  • Strategies on how to cut the time and effort of prospecting, qualifying, and selling in half.
  • Examples on how to ATTRACT highly qualified prospects to you who are already predisposed to doing business with you.

Learn more about the Master Mind Coaching Options:

Robin’s Producers Club


As a member to this private inner circle of clients, you get all of the benefits of the Apprentice Club PLUS quarterly in-person meetings with Robin.

Robin’s Apprentice Club


This is a starter program for people who are new to Robin’s marketing systems.

See What Others Are
Saying About Robin Robins:

“Since joining your Master Mind Program, my consulting revenue is up 201% and my total gross profit from all sales is up 51%. This is hands down the best money I’ve ever spent on marketing!”

Jim Torrisi, Sales Manager, Computer Dynamics

“I signed up for Robin’s Master Mind Group and I am very excited about the results. I’m only about 10% into the material but already I’ve generated over $10,000 in revenue. One of the postcards in the kit has already brought me 5 clients in one week; it’s amazing how well it works. None of my marketing efforts in the past have ever produced this kind of response. Plus the best part of the program is the one-on-one coaching. I would recommend you sign up today because Robin will increase your revenue!”

Paul Brian, President, Interworks

“Before joining Robin’s Master Mind Group, I was completely relying on word of mouth advertising and sales from existing clients to generate revenue; and while that grows a little bit, it’s difficult to scale sales fast that way. I knew I needed a better marketing plan and that’s why I decided to join Robin’s coaching program. Now I’ve got a very professional looking web site, brochure, lead generation offers, and marketing materials that really sell. I’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of new leads and interest from our partners, and have achieved a solid 25% increase in sales. Obviously I’m very happy with the return and the results I’ve received from the program.”

John H. Johns, President, Direct Link

“As a small network support company, we don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on marketing so it’s critical that we cut through all the marketing fluff and get right to what really works – and that’s what Robin gives you. Since we’ve started using the strategies outlined in the program, our marketing is FINALLY paying off. We took one of the letter templates Robin provided, mailed it to 200 people, and picked up 5 new clients instantly. Another strategy is working like magic to generate new referrals. Without a doubt, her kit was well worth the money spent. Not only has it more than paid for itself, but it’s truly encouraged me to keep on marketing.”

David Peterson, Partner, Info Innovations

“Robin’s coaching has proven to be an incredible asset in marketing my business. Any technology company struggling to generate qualified sales leads and new clients would be crazy not to talk to her. Hire her before your competition does!”

Kevin Gregg, General Manager, Connecting Point

“We’ve had an on-going bet with our investors; if we didn’t break the $1 million dollar mark, we had to buy them a bottle of expensive Champaign. If we do more than $1 million, THEY buy the Champaign for us. After a few years of buying the Champaign for them, I finally got serious about marketing and hired Robin to help us. Now I spend all my time doing proposals and rarely have to do any prospecting. As a matter of fact, we’ve had to hire 2 new sales people to handle all of the new leads and customers we have. Needless to say we think that we got tremendous value from working with Robin and now have the ability to think like marketing people instead of IT people. What a difference! This year will be the first year we don’t have to buy the Champaign!”

Rich Tanksley, RippleIT

“We had Robin speak at several of our events, hold tele-classes as well as develop and deliver a “Marketing 101″ course for our members. She exceeded our expectations and delivered solid, tangible marketing programs our members. The feedback from the members has consistently been an enthusiastic “two thumbs up” and we have received an overwhelming number of requests from the members to bring her back. Don’t hesitate for a moment to hire her. You’ll be glad you did.”

Chuck Wilson, Director of Marketing Services, CompTIA

“When I first saw the program being offered by Robin Robins I was truly skeptical. I saw this program being another in a large group of companies offering guidance and training without substance. Boy was I WRONG!!! This isn’t the typical “become a super salesman” hype! It is actual, specific and detailed direction for you, your sales staff and your company and our sales and marketing programs are improving on a daily basis. We are becoming more and more effective with our policies and as time goes on we are now seeing a dramatic improvement, not only in initial sales, but a huge increase in client retention and satisfaction. Being shown, directed and reminded of various managerial aspects of my business and also able to discuss those items is priceless. Normally, I would never recommend a coaching program, but I have to say, this one works! If you follow the guidance Robin and her periodic guests provide, you WILL see a marked improvement in your business.”

David M. Moore, PhD., CEO, ADAM Technologies, Inc.

“Robin Robins has absolutely transformed our company! Her coaching helped me apply the strategies and reinforced the key concepts related to my goals as a Sales Manager. Now I don’t have to spend time making cold calls – our new marketing plan has the phone ringing off the hook with solid leads! Thanks, Robin!!”

Rebekah Mooney, Sales Manager, Mt. View Systems

“Robin is hands down the best marketing expert I’ve ever met when it comes to helping technology companies write marketing plans that get results fast. If you want busy, indifferent prospects to stop what they are doing and eagerly listen to what you have to say, hire Robin.”

Phyllis McCullagh, Compute Associates

“Robin’s coaching and materials are absolutely amazing!So many marketing books and tapes tell you theoretically what you should be doing but leave you high and dry to come up with the words and offers on your own. With her fill-in-the-blank sales letter and marketing templates, I don’t have to think…I just pick one of the letters and send it out to my customers and the leads just flow in. If you are a technology company in need of new leads and sales, you’d be crazy not to sign up for her program.”

Dale Strand, President, Chips & Dale Communications

“Robin’s approach is perfect for a computer service firm on a small budget. I signed up for her program and she has consistently delivered more than she promised. After using her tools and advice, our top line revenue up 18% and bottom line profits up 120%. I’m 100% convinced that anyone who signs up for this program and takes Robin’s advice will experience the same results. I’m very happy with the results and the services she provides, and will remain a client forever.”

Kenny Lance, President, NetBase Technologies

“We have found your sessions incredibly valuable. Both my marketing manager and I make sure that we attend every one; we get all sorts of ideas from your sessions and then we get together after the brainstorm. We also go through the recording a second time to reinforce the concepts. I can’t say enough good things about the program! Thank you!”

MJ Shoer, President, Jenaly Technology Group

“Robin really delivered results for us! We had an immediate need for increasing our sales and leads per visitor. Robin provided us with immediate action items to execute without having to invest in additional resources. We instantly saw results. Within 30 days, we were generating an incremental 300 new qualified leads per week, and within 60 days, sales had grown 25% over the previous month. Within 60 days, sales had jumped nearly 50%! I strongly recommend Robin and taking advantage of her creative, high return on investment marketing strategies.”

Jim Goodbody, CEO, PlanetLearn

“Your sessions have been a real eye opener for our company. Just tremendous teaching, workbooks and knowledge on your part. Our Marketing strategies have been all wrong for the last 4 years and with this type of training we are now headed in the right direction for obtaining new customers.”

Dick Webster, COO, Rothe Computer Solutions

“I consider Robin a dear friend and consult with her often for one main reason: she knows her stuff. If you aren’t sure how to make an impact with your clients or get the return on your marketing dollars that you’re looking for, sign up for Robin’s program and I promise you won’t regret it. I guarantee those talks with finance will be more enjoyable.”

Todd Armstrong, VP of Marketing, LANDesk

“Why should someone sign up for your program? Simple: THEY WILL GET RESULTS. Every single person that has the opportunity to listen to your coaching should make it a mandatory exercise. The will immediately be able to put to use the guidance and tips you give…your product gets results, case closed. Thanks for your help.”

Anthony Tullo, Senior Technical Sales Manager, Specialized Information Management Systems, Inc.

“We use Robin to create e-mail and direct mail lead generation campaigns for us because she is a master at writing sales letters that convey our message in a convincing and powerful way. Plus she is a breeze to work with. If you need a great marketing campaign, hire Robin; you’ll be glad you did.”

Judy MacDonald, MarCom Director, SurfControl

“Robin helped us design our marketing plan to find and begin to build relationships with those businesses we really want as customers. She gave us marketing tools that make sense, are easy to implement, and have the added benefit of fine-tuning our business plan and strategies. With her counsel we came up with a campaign that actually works!”

CJ Wang, President, Long Island Computer Corporation

“As a Director at Novell I had the unique opportunity to work with Robin Robins on many projects. Robin displayed a true professionalism seldom found in the marketing industry today, with incredibly innovative ideas to help win back customers for our loyal channel partners. I have no hesitation in recommending Robin as one of the industry’s most innovative marketing personalities. If Robin cannot help your marketing efforts, I am not sure anyone else can.”

Neill Hopkins, Director Channel Programs, Novell Inc.

“We have invited Robin to present on several occasions to our member base. Her coaching has given us invaluable insights on how to create e-mail marketing campaigns and other marketing strategies that will generate sales leads at virtually no cost. Our CT Pioneer members find her presentations insightful, practical, and very relevant to helping them build their businesses in these most trying economic times. I highly recommend using her expertise in gaining the strategic advantage you need to compete and win in this challenging marketplace. We are!”

Ed Migut, Section Director CT Pioneers

“I wanted to tell you how much I have benefited from your program. After twenty years in marketing and many, many classes and seminars, I can honestly say that this one has been one of the BEST! It is great to see seminars that are designed specifically for our industry. Thank you so much!

Angel Rose, Parnter, Career Computers, Inc.